Feilds of Red

>> Friday, June 20, 2008

Speckled scarlet treats
ripe in a green picky patch
picking strawberries

We made our way to the strawberry feild today. Stained hands, red mouths, blotched shorts and we walked away with 10 pounds of the yummy "staw-bay-bee" (as Z likes to say). Plenty of jam, pies, and shortcakes to come! It was one of those feel good days. The weather absolutely perfect. A slight breeze that fills your nose with the sweet perfume of nature and gently lifts and wraps around your hair. I sat picking the red delicious fruit and watched the boys in delight as they would pick a berry and then come running to me to show me "the best berry ever!" It turned into a challenge, back and forth they would come. Always finding the best to show me and to put in their basket. I pray it will always be that way.


Karen June 23, 2008 at 3:37 AM  

So cute. I love that you are picking strawberries in June. All of our strawberry picking fields were cleaned out about two months ago! However, this weekend Sam and I went to a roadside produce stand and he got some Dilly Beans. Now, do you know what those are? Also bought watermelon rind pickles (???), fresh tomatoes and squash and some homemade grape jelly...which was for me. YUM!

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