The Garden Adventure

>> Saturday, May 31, 2008


The Garden is tilled!

The plants are in!

Cilantro for everything

Peppers for everything else

A few of my flowers on the front walk

The garden this year includes: Tomatoes (of corse- cherry and better boy), peppers (bell, jalapeno, banana) brussel sprouts, broccoli, eggplant, squash, zuchini, watermelon (new this year) and a row of pumpkins (new this year too). I also had the boys help me plant some strawberries and sunflowers. They love using the watering cans and taking care of "their" plants while I fuss in the bigger garden. I also have a herb garden planted as I love to cook with fresh herbs and they look so pretty hanging up and drying. So get your hands dirty and grow where you are planted!!

"Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find resources of strenght that will endure as long as life lasts"~Rachel Carson


Haiku Friday

>> Friday, May 30, 2008

Haiku friday

What a day its been
Screaming, crying, throwing fits
Terrible Three's day!



What Works for me Wednesday!

>> Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I was recently asked what would be ONE time saving and money saving tip for other moms. A big letter A came straight to mind. I didn't hesitate at all in answering.....ALDI! One thing that I started doing a while back was making a monthly meal plan. I'm giving away a huge secret here, but I find most of my meal ideas and recipes from this site: So now that I have a monthly idea of what we are going to eat, I sit down one evening and go through the pantry/freezer, etc and write out my grocery list. Then on a Saturday I go to Aldi and get whats on my list. Ta-da....usually two carts full, tons of stuff and meals for the whole month without having to run to the store 2-3 times a week. There is NOTHING worse than dragging 2 toddler boys to a grocery store every day of the week to get something for dinner. I refuse to do it! Doing this saves a ton of money too. Anyone with kids (or not) knows that you can't run into Super Walmart and just get bread and milk. Come on now..... Its impossible!

Enough ranting about spending money on everything but what you need..back to Aldi. I am SUPER impressed with this store. I can get everything on my monthly list (minus a few things that I'm a snob about like toilet paper and paper towels) and usually spend less than $150. This is for a whole month folks! I'm not kidding! Aldi has a neat concept. You put a quater in the cart to unlock the cart and to get your quater back, you simply put the cart back in the corral when you are done with it. I'm assuming this is to save money from hiring cart jockeys (or high school boys to go and retreive carts in the parking lot). You also have to bring your own bags or you can buy the Aldi bags for about .10 cents. Needless to say, I have a ton of Aldi bags but I stopped using bags altogether on my "going green" resolution and put some totes in the back of the van and fill them up when I go shopping. The food from Aldi has always been very good and in some cases better than name brand stuff. However, Aldi does offer some name brand stuff. The prices are just crazy cheap. I can't stress enough what a wonderful money saver this store is. In a day when gas prices are above $4 (they are $4.09 here) you need to look around at where you can spend less and I hope that you check out Aldi. Here is their site:



Good things come in small packages

>> Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It was another ordinary Tuesday. Breakfast had come and gone, a couple episodes of Thomas the Train, lunch had been cleaned up and naptime was over. The boys were actually playing nicely together, so I ventured out to get the mail. I flipped through the Lowes add, and noticed the bank statement, but what really caught my eye was a small brown package. The writing looked like mine and it was from Canada. As I walked backed to the house, and the chaos of the little ones inside, I was racking my brain as to who I knew in Canada and what would I get from there. I ripped into the package once in the house and got a little weak in my knees when I looked inside. It was from Fanisong.....ring any bells? Look down a few posts and you may remember. It was the Dandilion necklace that I found on Etsy that I fell so deeply in love with. I was so thrilled I screamed (which was a bad idea in a house of boys who think screaming equals screaming louder). I called the only person who would have bought me this necklace I was lusting after. SHE is the most incredible person on this planet. A wonderful mother to 4 who I call and bug just about every other day. A musician, a reader, and a writer. A talented photographer. A hard worker. Loyal and dedicated. Beautiful and confident. I am blessed and proud to have her in my life. She is Karen. She is my best friend. I just wanted to take a minute and publically thank her for being such an amazing person. Thank you for putting a smile on my face and making my "ordinary" day a FANTASTIC day! Thank you for being you!


On Memorial Day, we remember...

>> Monday, May 26, 2008

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the flag
That flew over Valley Forge
Was torn in two by the gray and the blue
And bled through two world wars.
I give you the flag that burned in the street
In protest, in anger and shame,
The very same flag that covered the men
Who died defending her name.
We now stand together, Americans all,
Either by choice or by birth
To honor the flag that's flown on the moon
And changed the face of the earth.
History will show this flag stood a friend
To the hungry, the homeless and lost
That a mixture of men as common as clay
Valued one thing beyond cost.
And they've signed it in blood
from Bunker Hill
To Saigon and Toko Ri.
I give you the flag that says to the world
Each man has a right to be free
~Baxter Black
A forever THANK YOU to our Vetrans and Service Men for defending our freedom and our beautiful flag! We do remember....


Saturday is a special day...

>> Saturday, May 24, 2008

I awoke to the sounds of my favorite feathered friends basking in the warm (YES, WARM) sunshine of the morning. It was a beautiful day for being outside. Temps here in The Great Lake State were in the 70's and baby blue skies with puffy white clouds that seem to float with a carelessness that I envy. No rushing, no worries, just sailing away...almost like a Jimmy Buffett song! Enjoy your weekend!

Sky, blue sky

Ps. I know the grass needs to be cut, but a little leary since the "bunny emergency"!


Sprouts of goodness

>> Thursday, May 22, 2008

The date is May 22nd, its sunny outside and officially spring....but why is it still 50 degrees outside? So in hopes to bring some warmth of summer into my sneezing, coughing, runny nose house, I opted to start some sprouts the other day. Have you ever ate sprouts? They are sooo good. A yummy nutty flavor, crunchy and filled with good stuff for your body. The best part is you can make your own.

What you need:
Alfalfa Seeds (can buy from any health food store)
Clear glass jar
Peice of cheese cloth (or clean panty hose)
Closet or cupboard that doesn't get opened much (I use under my sink cabinet)

What to do:
-With scissors, cut a peice of cheesecloth or clean pantyhose that you can put on top of your quart jar. (Needs to be big enough to drap over the sides a little)
-Put about a tablespoon of alfalfa seeds into the jar
-Cover seeds with water
-Secure the cheesecloth or pantyhose with a rubberband
-Soak seeds over night
-The next day, turn the jar upside down and drain water (seeds need to be damp to sprout)
-Put jar in a cabinet or closet where its dark and the jar will not be distrubed for 4 days

**NOTE** Everyday, take the jar out and rinse the seeds (I would do it 3x a day; morning, noon, night). Rinse the alfalfa seeds by moving the jar around a little in a swishing and rotating manner. Each time be sure to drain the rinsing water so the seeds are just damp—not soaking wet!

Check out the little seeds. They should be very white and you should see little sprouts growing! In 2 or 3 days, the sprouts will get to be several inches tall. On the 4th day, after you rinse them and drain off the water, put the jar on a windowsill or tabletop where it is going to get plenty of sunlight. Watch what happens! The sprouts will turn green.

Now you can eat them! Bon Appetit! Make a tossed salad and put your sprouts on top or try making a cold sandwich and add your sprouts. Jonas is a big fan of the sprout "Slam- itch".


The David Duel

>> Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm loving the "Rocky" theme to American Idol. Who do you think is going to get a TKO?

David Cook- Roung 1:Crowd pleaser for sure. He is cool and confident. He isn't showing his nerves at all, which must be silly hard. U2's "Still haven't found what I'm looking for" was the song that Clive Davis picked for him and it was right on. His voice was perfect and the rocker in me loves him. Round 2: I love David Cook with his guitar. I have a faint heart for a guy with a guitar, always have. That being said, I think he did ok. I liked round one a little better, but loving the guitar and leather, messy hair, rockin' style. Round 3: "The world I know" by Collective Soul. I own this CD and I will be the first to admit that I like David Cook's version a tad better. Maybe its the aucostic guitar and the tears at the end.....HOT, HOT, HOT!!!
David A- Round 1: Such a shy little guy. He looked uncomfortable from the start. I thought he was going to pee his pants when Randy said this is a duel for the King. Elton John's "Don't let the sun go down on me" was a typical song choice for him and of corse he sang it good. The boy can sing! On another note, He really likes to stare into the camera and squint his eyes (though I didn't notice a lot of lip licking). When the judges were speaking to him, I thought his nerves were going to break the levy and he would start bawling. Round 2 should be very interesting..Round 2: "In this moment"- Gee, is it any surprise that David A. would be singing a ballad? And one that has some kind of deeper meaning? I wasn't a bit surprised! I do have to admit, that I really liked this performance. I haven't heard this song before and I like it. I even liked David A's voice singing it. He can blast!!! So my round 2 choice is David A. Come on'- you know he did a good job too! Round 3: "Imagine" John Lennon; again.....another song that has a deep meaning and a slow ballad that makes his voice sound outstanding. I'm so impressed with DA's soft, soothing voice and these slow songs that he sings are fantastic.

So, in my opinion, who got the TKO for the night.....David Archuletta for sure! As much as it pains me to say so, I think that David A will be the winner of American Idol.



Wonder Pet Weekend!

>> Sunday, May 18, 2008

I think it was Karen who once told me that I was like Snow White. I think she's right. I find myself in the weirdest situations with wild animals. I once had a skunk in the garage. I've fed the geese and mallards and pissed off my neighboor across the pond (since I had about 60+ geese come every morning for breakfast and they don't poop where they eat so across the pond to neighboors they would head-ha) and once had a huge muskrat living under my porch. Not to mention at our new home, we have about 6 birdfeeders that are filled every other day with faithful bird visitors that hang out in our yard. The list really goes on and on. However, this weekend was just another chapter in my wild animal rescue adventures. It began in the morning when cutting the grass and coming upon baby rabbits. I have a little experience in helping baby rabbits since two got stuck in my window well last year but this was exciting. Jonas and Zaiden were soo excited to help. We grab an old baby towel and captured the babies that were hopping and freaking out all over the yard (those babies can hop pretty fast- just ask Jonas!). Then we looked for their holes and only found one. So we made their burrow comfortable by placing grass clippings and the blanket around it and carefully placed the babies in. neighboor comes to the gate and asks if I know how to get a raccoon out of a window well. So we rush over to check out the raccoon. He is soo cute. The boys and I fall in love instantly. We must have looked pretty silly to my police officer ("tough guy") neighboor as Jonas, Zaiden and I are talking "baby talk" to this raccoon. I ask the neighboor what he is going to do? He says leave it over night and then he will bring a noose home from the station tomorrow and get rid of it (which means kill it). I started tearing up and thoughts of pushing him in the window well ran through my mind. I grab the boys hands and we march away. I almost break into a run to get to the house faster so I can grab the phone and call my garden club friends. I was certain there had to be an animal rescue somewhere in Monroe County. But alas, my first phone call proved to be success. I talked to Rita's husband who had a live trap that I could use. A minivan trip later, I was cutting an apple and spreading soy butter on it and the trap was lowered into the window well. After a broom stick and a shovel to get the raccoon to move into the trap, he was caught and saved from death. Hooray! Another minivan trip down a dirt road and Mr. Raccoon was released into the beautiful woods by a stream. He didn't make a noise the whole trip. No hissing, no fights, nothing. I think he was happy that I saved him. I did tell him to go dump over my neighboors garbage tonight-hehehe. We get home and eat dinner and then decide to go check on our baby bunnies. We are happy to see that Momma bunny has come to check on them also. I can only imagine what she's saying to her babies. We did find that the bunnies seperated from each other and 4 bunnies made a new burrow and two were left in the old burrow. Maybe Momma Bunny did it when she came earlier. Jonas and Zaiden convinced me that we should make them dinner too. We cut up some cabbage I had in the fridge and took a small bowl of water out to them and then say goodnight to our baby bunnies. So after reading "I love you, Little One" and talking about the bunnies and Mr. Raccoon, Jonas says to me that he's happy we save animals. I tell my boys everyday how important it is to love animals and treat them kindly. He then tells me that we are like the Wonder Pets (for those that don't know who the Wonder Pets Nick Jr sometime). I suppose we ALL are. "We're not too big, and we're not too tough, but when we work together, we've got the right stuff!"

One of the baby bunnies

Some of the rabbits made themselves a new burrow (two burrows now) and here is their dinner

Mr. Raccoon in the window well

Mr. Raccoon in the Live Trap

Mr. Raccoon's new home


Haiku Friday

>> Friday, May 16, 2008

Haiku friday

Got my herbs planted

The garden is tomorrow

I love dirty hands

the flower


A plea....

>> Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I have an obsession with tree's and dandilions and pretty much anything to do with raw nature. So much in fact, that I have my whole house decorated in nature "stuff". Grape vines, reeds, metals, prints of flowers, trees, leaves, etc. There is something about the simplicity of nature that makes my heart feel peace. I am, however, not a jewelry wearer. I don't like earrings and especially don't like necklaces; but when browsing my FAVORITE site ever I fell head over heels in love with these awesome necklaces. Someone please buy this for me!!!!! (Here is the link to the necklace: Ok, ok....I realize I will have to buy them for myself since I need all three, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Ha! Here is the link to the coolest site ever. All handmade stuff and most eco friendly (an added bonus): Hope you enjoy browsing and making a wish list as much as I do.

"Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven" - Rabindranath Tagore

Up... Up... to the sky - thats how we bring our dreams up to reach the sky, even sometimes reality is hard but we should keep our dreams tight. This silhouette of dandelion photo reminds us to keep looking up

"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see nature all ridicule and deformity... and some scarce see nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, nature is imagination itself."-William Blake


Three's Company

American Idol

The final three! Wow! I have to say I was not expecting Syesha to be in the top three but as Ashely would say..."its whatever"!

David A.- Hate to say it, but it looked like he was a little amiss with Daddy getting banned from backstage. Ha! Its like he lost his confidence a little, but he still sang good. The little girls yelling for him is seriously out of control. He is so going to get eaten alive if he wins AI.
Syesha- She looked great and sang great tonight. A little theatrical for me though. She just didn't pull off the "pop" song (was that a Beyonce' song?) like I was wishing she would, however, I thought her version of "Fever" was pretty good. I think she will earn her big bucks on Broadway or in Vegas. Somewhere on a stage with lots of rehersals and choreographed dancing. Not live.
Daivd cook- Back to his rocker roots. Sounded "ok" to me. The Switchfoot song he sang was totally off key- But I loved the Aerosmith song (love Aerosmith) but still he was a little off especially when he would strain for the high notes. I cringed a little. Must be the constant signing. I'm sure it takes a toll on all of them, but for David C. its really showing this week. I hope that doesnt pull the vote down for him.

My predicition: Syesha going home and the final two between both Davids (with David A. winning- though I reallllyyy don't like it)


Happy Mother's Day!

>> Sunday, May 11, 2008


Have you ever tried to put yourself in Moms place?
When you say your unkind words or grin and make fun to her face
What goes around, comes around, my Mom used to say
Well Mom, I understand what you mean fully today!
All the love you have shown me, and the unappreciated talks years ago
Are all fresh in my mind, because I'm a mom of two boys on the go
I love you more every minute, every hour and every day
I entered into motherhood blindfolded, but you helped show me the way
Thank you Mom, for what you tried to tell me and forgive me all my wrongs
Thank you for not giving up on me my whole life long
You mean so very much to me, and more often I should say
My beautiful, understanding Mother...have a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!
I love you Mom!


My favorite bird

>> Friday, May 9, 2008

Haiku friday

Their call is soothing
a "coo" song sung to my soul
I love Morning Doves

They speak to each different
Whatever is in your heart
Sing to me sweetly

Morning Dove Beaton


Look what I found!

>> Thursday, May 8, 2008

Found this neat site a while back and as much as I hate to admit it, I'm a little addicted to it. Its interesting to read what is found. Hope you enjoy it!

FOUND book, after FOUND Magazine


Final 4 (and I'm not talking about college ball)

>> Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Be Zambonie's next Idol !!!!!!!!

All from a busted amp- we got distortion. Thank you 1951 for the birth of Rock and Roll!!! I have to admit, I will probably be a little too judgemental tonight. I love classic rock and most songs that are considered classic are my favorites. So on to our little "rockers"

David C- Round 1: "Hungry like a wolf" Dunran Dunran- HATED IT! I hated this new look hes trying so hard to create. I know he was trying to pull off the sloppy rocker dude, but didn't work for me. Hated his remake of the song (or lack of it). He didn't do anything special with the song to make it his own like he usually does and this is his genre..Whats up David C.? Round 2: "Baba O'Reily" The Who- Finally he is rockin like he should. I love the slow intro and then the beat comes to blasting out "Teenage Wasteland" Loved it! "Welcome Back David Cook"- Simon
Syesha- Round 1: "Proud Mary" Tina Turner: Too bad it wasn't CCR (since I love the original version the best) I think she did good and did a good job at acting like a "Private Dancer" aka: Tina Turner. I was a little embarassed for her with her spins and twirls but she did good. "Just aw-ight for me dawg". Round 2: "A Change has got to come" Sam Cook-Doesn't Syesha look great tonight. She is so pretty. I really enjoyed the song she sang and would say that it is probably my favorite that she has ever sang. Didn't she hit those high notes right on? I wanted to tell her to breath! Good Job Syesha (you may just give Jason the boot)
Jason- Round 1: "I shot the Sheriff" Bob Marley- Jason Rocks!!!!!!! You need to stop reading this post and pick up the phone and dial his digits right now. VOTE 4 Jason! He rocks at Bob Marley. Not only because I am a fan of Marley and Jason, but this is his element. I hate that the judges didn't dig it. Did they seem upset to you? Round 2: "Mr Tambourrine Man" Bob Dylan- All I have to say is bye, bye Jason. My Favorite on the show will be leaving us tomorrow. That much I'm sure of. I'm so sad. Its like he was trying too hard to be like Bob Marley back stage. So long and fare thee well, Jason. I will still buy your CD when you make one.
David A.- Round 1: "Stand by Me" Benny King- You all know I don't care for Drama David, but I was singing along to his song choice. I love this song. He did an excellent job. Too bad I still don't like him. Round 2: "Love me Tender" Elvis- He slipped up for me when he said he had to look up Elvis songs. Who in the world doesn't know Elvis songs? I forget that David is so young, but just another mark against him in my book. However, this kiddo can sing and has all the teen age girls wrapped around his pinky. I'm sure this song melted each and every 12-18 year olds girls hearts. He did good. But I still have hope for a different American Idol~


"The Cheese to my Macaroni"

>> Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I have heard the good and the bad regarding this movie. It comes with much controversy but I'm blogging about it nonetheless. In my opinion, "Juno" has to be one of the best movies I've seen lately. I was impressed with the quick wit and humor surrounding such a mundane story line. In a time where teen pregnancies are on the rise, this movie really focused on adoption and the importance of other options when faced with a mistake. I was excited to know that young girls may see this film and if ever faced with a life changing decision, they may remember this movie and opt for adoption. Kudo's for the writer of this film for stepping the bounds and pushing the envelope but also for bringing to light that human life is a precious gift. "From Gods arms, to my arms, to yours.." -Michael McLean



Cinco De Mayo

>> Monday, May 5, 2008


Thank goodness there is a holiday that gives me an excuse to get Chipolte Mexican Grill. A yummy half ton burrito smothered in gaucamole, sour cream, fresh salsa and seasoned grilled chicken. Happy Cinco De Mayo Amigos!



I love you, Little one...

>> Sunday, May 4, 2008

..."Deep in the woods, in an oak tree hollow, a little owl asks, "Do you love me Mama?"and Mama Owl says, "Yes, little one, I love you as the oak tree loves you, tall and strong beside you, giving you the world to see all around. I love you as the oak tree loves you, forever and ever and always"...

I have quite an addiction to childrens books. I love them and buy way too many of them. I stumbled upon this one at the local goodwill. I bought it up because I feel strongly that my children need to learn to love Gods creatures and this looked like that kind of book. I was a little wrong. It tells my baby boys exactly how I feel. How much I love them. Everytime I read it, I start sobbing and Jonas and Zaiden ask me "Mama, you ok". I give them an extra hug and kiss and tell them Mama loves them like an oak tree.....forever and ever and always!


Happy Birthday to me!

>> Saturday, May 3, 2008


My birthday is the perfect time
to wish for nothing less
than favorite memories,
plans and dreams
that bring me happiness.
For birthdays are a link
between the future and the past,
reminding us to treasure most
those special joys that last!


Nursery Rhyme Friday

>> Friday, May 2, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring;
The old man is snoring.
Bumped his head And he went to bed
And he couldn't get up in the morning.
Rain, rain, go away;
Come again another day;
Little "Tirzah" wants to play.




When it comes to the TV series LOST, I get completly "lost" but I really enjoy the show. Its such a different series as it is written with flash forwards to the future and past and has little secret meanings and codes. Since I can never decifer these codes or messages, I look to my BFF, Karen, to do it for me. She rocks! Check out her blog for weekly details of the show. Thanks K for sharing your wisdom and insight. It makes watching Lost so much more exciting.

Karens blog:


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