>> Wednesday, March 31, 2010

03/22/10- Spring- (Spring is Budding) Pictures, Images and Photos

I wonder.....

Does summer stay mad at fall?
For drying up all the flowers and making them die. For taking away the vibrant green and the lemon sun and replacing it with browns and golds. For taking away the comfort of warmth and bringing an awkward and bitter cold chill.

Does spring stay mad at winter?
For the layers of frost and cold. For the deep freeze, the hiding sun, the howling wind and drifts of snow. For the constant white and struggle for breath. For the agonizing silence.

I wonder......

In sitting in the sun with my boys, playing and soaking up the warmth of the amazing spring day, I noticed the shoots of green all around me. I noticed my rose bush budding and my peonies popping through. The frogs screaming their love and happiness. The birds singing their song of gratefulness and joy and I think about how life is so like the earth and the changing seasons.

If only we let go, embraced and realized it.

peonies emerging - mid-April Pictures, Images and Photos


What if.....

>> Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What if for one day we decided to live from a place of pure acceptance. For one day, what if we dared ourselves to not bring to mind the rejection and mistakes from the past. Didn't dare think of the frustrations of the present. Didn't stress over the anxiety of the future. Don't you wonder what that day would look like. What it would feel like to live as if you were complete, exhilarated, free and full of peace. To live in the absolute moment. The now. You would hear clearer. Speak softer. See more vivid and be receptive to intuition. You would take less personally, love more fully, and give more abundantly. You would probably want that day to roll into the next and the next and the next..This is where I'm finding myself these days.


A while ago, I found myself in a very deep and dark hole. Upon climbing out of it, I had a choice. To wallow in the mud surrounding it and stay sad, mad, hurt and disappointed or I could move on. Take a shower and clean myself of the muck. In that process I decided to live in the now (you gotta read The Power of Now). To live more simple and more fully. Right now I write more, I smile more, I cry more, I love more, I laugh more. I find myself playing more, snuggling more and reading more. Talking more, thinking more and holding hands more. Not concerned with what they are posting on twitter or facebook or blogs and only peeking in once in a while. Not worried about how hot my laptop is getting on my legs because its not glued there anymore and I'm choosing to keep it off. Not bothered by the he said, she said gossip and staying the heck away from drama. Keeping close to those that matter and keeping those that don't at a distance.

love Pictures, Images and Photos

So if you have wondered where I've been, I'm still here. I'm just relishing in my love, my family, my peace.


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