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>> Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Go Green Wallpaper

I'm apart of this great website called http://www.realmomsrock.com/. On a recent blog posting, the subject of earth day was raised and what you do to "stay green". This was my reply, but thought it was such a good subject that I should post here too. Going green has been a goal for our family for 2008, especially since we watch discovery channel so much and some of those shows really get you thinking (Thanks Al Gore!)... Anyway, found this info somewhere and thought I would share. Something each of us can do to be apart of "going green". Our family did it in January and its truly amazing to open the mail box and just pull out 1 peice of mail. (oh man...just a bill) The solution was Green Dimes! For only $20 you can get started with the Free Me service and the Green Dimes team will take you off dozens of mailing lists (for every member of your family plus past tenants), you will stop receiving unwanted catalogs and they will plant 10 trees on your behalf!! How cool is that!?! Green Dimes will monitor your account every month to make sure you are junk mail free! Also, for an extra $16, you can get the Green Me option which is the Free Me service plus a reusable bag, Green Times T-shirt, 2 energy saving bulbs, and a children’s book! What a fabulous service! Save the environment and save yourself from junk mail! To get started going green, visit http://www.greendimes.com/


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