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>> Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Be Zambonie's next Idol !!!!!!!!

All from a busted amp- we got distortion. Thank you 1951 for the birth of Rock and Roll!!! I have to admit, I will probably be a little too judgemental tonight. I love classic rock and most songs that are considered classic are my favorites. So on to our little "rockers"

David C- Round 1: "Hungry like a wolf" Dunran Dunran- HATED IT! I hated this new look hes trying so hard to create. I know he was trying to pull off the sloppy rocker dude, but didn't work for me. Hated his remake of the song (or lack of it). He didn't do anything special with the song to make it his own like he usually does and this is his genre..Whats up David C.? Round 2: "Baba O'Reily" The Who- Finally he is rockin like he should. I love the slow intro and then the beat comes to blasting out "Teenage Wasteland" Loved it! "Welcome Back David Cook"- Simon
Syesha- Round 1: "Proud Mary" Tina Turner: Too bad it wasn't CCR (since I love the original version the best) I think she did good and did a good job at acting like a "Private Dancer" aka: Tina Turner. I was a little embarassed for her with her spins and twirls but she did good. "Just aw-ight for me dawg". Round 2: "A Change has got to come" Sam Cook-Doesn't Syesha look great tonight. She is so pretty. I really enjoyed the song she sang and would say that it is probably my favorite that she has ever sang. Didn't she hit those high notes right on? I wanted to tell her to breath! Good Job Syesha (you may just give Jason the boot)
Jason- Round 1: "I shot the Sheriff" Bob Marley- Jason Rocks!!!!!!! You need to stop reading this post and pick up the phone and dial his digits right now. VOTE 4 Jason! He rocks at Bob Marley. Not only because I am a fan of Marley and Jason, but this is his element. I hate that the judges didn't dig it. Did they seem upset to you? Round 2: "Mr Tambourrine Man" Bob Dylan- All I have to say is bye, bye Jason. My Favorite on the show will be leaving us tomorrow. That much I'm sure of. I'm so sad. Its like he was trying too hard to be like Bob Marley back stage. So long and fare thee well, Jason. I will still buy your CD when you make one.
David A.- Round 1: "Stand by Me" Benny King- You all know I don't care for Drama David, but I was singing along to his song choice. I love this song. He did an excellent job. Too bad I still don't like him. Round 2: "Love me Tender" Elvis- He slipped up for me when he said he had to look up Elvis songs. Who in the world doesn't know Elvis songs? I forget that David is so young, but just another mark against him in my book. However, this kiddo can sing and has all the teen age girls wrapped around his pinky. I'm sure this song melted each and every 12-18 year olds girls hearts. He did good. But I still have hope for a different American Idol~


Karen's Kranium May 7, 2008 at 11:00 AM  

Jason...Jason...Jason. Bob Marley is only appropriate for singing at 4:20 p.m., bro! Then messing up BD lyrics??? All you have to do is mumble and it still sounds like Dylan!! Sorry to say, but Dread Volta is going home. BTW Tearz, it's Duran Duran...the 80's geek had to spell check that one. Love, peace and rock-n-roll! :D

Kirstynn Evans May 7, 2008 at 5:46 PM  

16 minutes till showtime... I predict a SHOCKER! Remember when Chris daughtry went home.... I have a feeling its going to be one of those nights. I thought that Jason was acting HIGH? Any thoughts? Maybe becuase he was singing BM, and I automatically think "stoned"?

Kirstynn Evans May 8, 2008 at 6:14 AM  

Boy was I wrong! No big shockers this year. I'm guessing it will come down to the Davids.... Wow... big surprise!

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