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>> Monday, August 11, 2008

This weekend was very reflective for me. Meeting up with classmates I haven't seen nor talked to in 10 years was quite a ride. I don't think I've ever said "So- what cha been up to?" so many times in my life. People change and families begin and grow. Pounds are added on or shed. Hair is cut or grown long or just plain gone. Its just strange. Strange in the fact that these are the people that have known me since I was my sons age. I have pictures of many of us in nursery school or at kindergarten graduation. Strange in the fact that these are the people that watched me mature and go through identity changes. Strange that these are the people that stood beside me when we received our diplomas and final salutes as high school graduates when we walked from the small gym into the real world. It was neat to be away for so long, but to fall right back into the swing of friendship, laughter and smiles in a matter of minutes of seeing each other again. So here is to the class of 1998 and the many memories we shared, and the many more to come. Untill we meet again.....

My hometown scenery

It was sooo cold! Windy, rainy and 58 Degrees in August in Michigan~What the heck??

My old friend, Anna, and myself. It was sooo great to see her again! I have missed you girl!


Olson Family August 12, 2008 at 7:48 AM  

Looks like so much fun. Did you see alot of people? How was it? I am so curious. 58 degrees? I am so jealous. It was in the low 100's over the weekend here and sunny. I am so ready for nice fall weather. Best time of year. Anyways, glad you had fun, and no I will never drive another kind of car again. I'm a minivan mom and love it.

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