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>> Saturday, August 23, 2008

simple mom

"Its nice to share" is something I tell my sons about a million times a day so its only fair that I share too, right? This is one blog that I read daily. So inspirtational and helpful. From managing a home, raising children, to living simply and "green", this site has it all. I love it and now I'm sharing it. I'm being nice. Head on over to Simple Mom to enjoy the great things it has to offer and to enter the mother of all contests. Here is a peak at what they are offering.

Reusable Produce bags (Live green!)

Soy Candles (you got to get some of these- I love them!!!)

Apron (I'm starting to have an apron obsession-shhhh!)

Organizing bags (we all need the help here!)

Mommy business cards (I sooo need these!)

Plum Pear Apple Cape (any little one would love this!)

Subscription to Pearbudget (neat!!!!)


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