Firefighter Fun

>> Thursday, July 24, 2008

Preschool Summer Camp + Safety week = loads of fun! It all began when the firetruck and police car pulled in the park. The boys went ballistic! Complete mayhem from all 40 kiddies from just a big red truck and a blue car with lights on its roof. We learned all about safety and did all sorts of crafts related to the subject as well. It was really neat to have the boys learn what to do in case of emergencies or fire. I was VERY impressed with the firefighter when he was in full uniform. He turned on his air supply and was trying to talk to the kids. It was hard to hear him and the kids were yelling back at him. He began to yell and asked the kids if they could hear him now. It was still hard but the kids liked his game and yelled back and he told the kids to always yell for him. He then told the kids to never be afraid of him. That if they are ever in a fire, to wait for him and when they see him to yell and to come to him and to grab onto him tightly and that he will protect them. It made me tear up. To think about my little ones ever being in that situation but to know that someone will be there to grab a hold of them and protect them when I can't made me extremly grateful. There was also lots of 911 talk, so much that I'm afraid that the boys will get ahold of the phone and dial it just to dial. So neighbor Sarah- if your reading and the firetrucks show up- it was just the boys dialing 911 (lol). Boys will be boys especially when they are playing firefighter!

Do you know what to do in a fire
Yes, I know what to do;
We've rehearsed it through and through,

Have you planned your escape in a fire
Yes, we've planned our escape;
We know just what routes to take,

Do you know you should crawl through the smoke
Yes, we'll crawl and stay close to the floor
'cause there's air there all the more,

Do you know what to do if your clothes catch on fire?
Yes, Stop, drop, cover and roll
That's what the firefighter told

The big red fire truck rushes down the street.
"Clang clang clang" goes the bell
The cars move to clear the way.
The children run and yell.


Sisters staying connected... July 25, 2008 at 6:35 PM  

Oh my gosh...your boys are HUGE! When did that happen? They are so handsome! Love it. ...alison

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