What a week its been...

>> Thursday, February 26, 2009

...on American Idol that is!

Wow- what a show last night. Some good ones, some bad ones and one crazy, wild, and funny one. Here is what I thought about last nights show. I'm anxious to see how America voted!

1-Jasmine- What a pretty girl Altho- in my opinion, the song was too low for her voice range. I didn't like it.
2-Matt- Yay Michigan Native!!! wow- his audition tape was awesome and I loved the piano. His voice sounded shaky. I guess he was feeling a bit nervous but I liked him. Better than some of the guys from last week (and I swear its not the fact that hes from MI) Poor guy tho- his nerves just lost him the song.
3- Jeanine-oh no.....this chick butchered my Maroon 5. What a karaoke rendition.Ugh! Yuck! (and I'm not even liking her legs)
4- Nick- What a weird-o, but a funny one. I loved it from the beginning! Its about time we had some comedy on AI and someone that takes it a little less serious. I smiled the whole song thru and loved the "sassypants"
5- Alison- I really like her bar voice. the deep smokey sound and to sing Heart was the best song choice she could have made. Best girl of the night!!!!! and I am really digging her sweet rocker style.
6-Kris- Holy crap-this boy looks like my BFF's son Jacob. Karen, can Jake sing? Well, this Kris boy can and I like his real, non fancy approach to his turn. No fancy clothes, just him and his voice and it was reallly good. I hope he gets voted thru
7-Megan-first of all, I LOVE THIS SONG. and I love this girl. Hippie chick w/tats. However, I think she was all over the place w/this song. She was trying too hard to put "her" thing on it and I didn't like the over doing it part, but I still like her and will vote for #7.
8-Matt-What a safe song. He sings good but noting special. Next....
9- Jessi- I really liked her. I like the uniqueness of her voice and I thought she looked really nice but I'm afraid she was just too "plain jane". Sorry Girl
10- Kai-He reminds me in looks like Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) and I was excited to see what he would sing and do, but too bad his voice was "ok" for me and his song was a safe=bad choice.
11- Mishavonna- Drops of Jupiter is another one of my favorite songs and she didn't do too bad. Not bad at all and she is a good singer but I don't think she will be making it through. There were others that were better. I see her coming back next season in full force.
12-Adam- Saving the best for last for sure. First impressions are important and his looks are great. His eyes are amazing and I don't care if he sports eyeliner. And singing the Stones? Rock on Adam!!!! and Randy mentioned Twilight. Could Adam be the real Edward Cullen?! Vote for Adam!!! My new Idol crush-ha~

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Karen February 27, 2009 at 6:04 AM  

Come on....you know you really wanted "Norman Gentle" to win. That was so funny. I know you loved Brooke singing last night on the results show. Did you notice she had her shoes off?? lol!! Love ya! TTYL

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