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>> Monday, February 9, 2009

Being addicted to Facebook, I felt the need to do this silly little survey thingie that everyone else is doing. I swear peer presure is a .......

1. I use to be a HUGE WWE Wrestling fan. Laugh if you will, but I was glued to the TV every Monday for Monday Night Nitro and even met Chris Jericho in person. (Got his autograph on an AppleBee's napkin)

2. I have had my ears, nose and navel peirced

3. Everytime I pull up next to someone at a stop light, I feel like they want to drag race and I ALWAYS have to be the first off the line. I'm sure this is from my Trans-Am days, although I still race in my mini-van.

4. I'm not yet 30, but I enjoy sewing and knitting. I love to sew projects and costumes and knitting is my newest hobby.

5. I am completely OBSESSED w/halloween. I love fall and the joy that halloween brings with candy, costumes, decorations and fun.

6. Though Mama told me not to, I love to talk to strangers. Some of the best conversations I've had is with strangers on airplanes. (I want to add to this that I seem to have a pretty good sense of character. I trust my instincts and talk to those that seem interesting)

7. I can not stop reading. I read something every night and frequent the library at least two times a week. My reading has been passed on to the boys which I'm delighted about.

8. I haven't ate red meat since I was 12 years old. I can't even remember what steak taste like and I don't care to know.

9. I LOVE football, baseball and playing pool. Not good at either three, but still makes me smile!
10. When I'm nervous or anxious I have a habit of picking my cuticles and hang nails. Sometimes to the point of bloody fingers.

11. I use to have really long hair (waist lenght) but love my short hair much better and will never grow my hair out every again.

12. I lived with a 1960's washer and dryer for 10 years and recently bought a frontloader and I'm in love with laundry now. Miracles can happen!

13. I was adopted and believe that I choose and was suppose to be raised by my parents, but often wonder about my birth parents. Being adopted also makes my polotical view pro-life and it sickens me that the president that I voted for just signed a pro-choice act.

14. Music is my life. Not only do I play music and received a full ride scholarship for classical piano, but music brings me so much. It can bring memories, moods and moments to view in the opening chords of a song.

15. I have a thing about entertaining. I like to have parties with good food, good laughs and to be surrounded by good people.

16. I am facinated by dreams. I believe dreams have meaning and are somehow connected to our thoughts and brain and I wish so badly I could figure some of them out.

17. I drink nothing but water.

18. My goal is to do a tri athlon sometime in the next 5 years. I run and bike, so I just gotta work on the swimming. Good thing we just bought a house with an inground pool. Bring on summer!
19. Moving away from my hometown and family at 19, I made friends that became my family. This taught me about the value of friendship and friends are very important to me. Through miles and time, I value them more than they know even though I try hard to let them know how much they mean to me. Friends are forever.

20. I am surrounded by boys..but I love my boys with every cell in my body and with every beat that my heart makes.

21. I have a housefull of the latest techology and own the newest and coolest tech "toys" but I use a tracphone cell phone that I buy minutes for that was called "ancient" by a teenager. I do have cell phone envy, but reality hits when I look at plans that are over $100 a month when I spend about that much a year.

22. I CAN NOT stand when people are fake. I get disgusted when I know someone does a certain thing or acts a certain way, but given another situation infront of other people and they act a different way. It also pisses me off to have people try to imulate the people around them. It makes me angry. Just be yourself if you know who that person is....jez'!

23. A few things that I can't live without are sweaters, rocketdog shoes, coconut and lime body butter and eye liner.

24. I have been journaling since I was 9 years old. Its nostalgic to read back through old journals and to time travel to those periods in my life. I even have an entry of when I was in Toronto at age 12 when I met my now husband.

25. I know without a doubt that I can do and be anything that I put my mind to. I'm a believer and a dreamer and optimistic about life and my future on this earth that I love.

(25.a. I can not spell and bow down to whoever invented spell check, but for some reason I am unable to find the spell check for this random randomness so please excuse any misspelled word and chalk it up to two preschooler boys frying my brain cells with cars and monster trucks)


Karen February 10, 2009 at 3:46 AM  

I love this. The part about you loving dreams reminded me of when we used to analyze our dreams on our breaks. lol!! Also, what are rocketdog shoes??? I may be out of the loop on that one. :D love ya!

Tearz February 10, 2009 at 5:00 AM  

Check these out. I love them and wear them way too much!

Olson Family February 10, 2009 at 7:20 AM  

I love it. I remember that night you met Jon. Weren't we behind the hotel at night in the parking lot? I love those trips to Toronto and Chicago.

The Fournier Family February 10, 2009 at 8:21 AM  

I remember that Temple trip you met Jon! Those trips were so much fun. Do you remember the radio station we made up? I won't put the name of it on here!

Angie Cheney February 10, 2009 at 8:58 AM  

Tirzah, I can't believe I didn't know you play piano and got a full ride for it you're so good!

You should come to Book Club. Next one is at Christy Woodruff's 2/26 7pm!

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