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>> Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Thats right....American Idol is back and I'm so ever happy. I love watching this show and pretending that I'm a judge. Ha! Last night didn't disapoint as there were many great performances and many not so great. I think it will be easy to vote this week for the top three. I was also impressed with Paula. She was poised and composed and when she talked it made sense. Maybe having another female on the panel has helped her control her substance abuse. (just kidding). The new judge, Kara, seems to have hit the ground running and fits in really well. I like her a lot and I'm anxious to watch her in the future.

Now....on to the goods. My opinions

01: Jackie AKA: Spandex girl= outta here. She is an ok singer and looks like a young spunky Sheryl Crow but what in the world was she thinking wearing what she wore. I must totally be out of the fashion loop.
02: Ricky Braddy: Slow song downer but he's from Elizabeth City NC so I like him. Anyone from NC is rocking
03:Alexis-I think she looks so cute, but I'm not liking the fact that I'm getting the vibe she is a fake that only looks like this to "be different" and because the judges asked her to dirty up her look. On a good note, I liked her voice and song choice. She is the girl going through. Hopefully!
04: Brent- Country songs suit him and "Hick Town" brought back some memories. And seriously his dimple was cute.
05: Stevie- Goodbye- I was totally embarassed for this 17 year old. Poor thing and I really liked her in the auditions but she did not shine last night. Ouch!
06: Anoop- This guy is ok. He reminds me of someone, maybe a comedian, but he has a good voice and his auditions have all been upbeat and fun. HO-Hum to me.
07: Casey- Blah....infact, already forgot about her. Nohing really stood out about her. Not a bad talent, just nothing special either.
08: Michael-I think this guy can sing for sure! I thought his performance was good and I hope he makes it through.
09: Ann Marie- I liked her at Audition time but I agree w/ the judges that her song choice was off. She is probably the most real that I've seen though and I liked that.
10: Stephen- Michael Jackson old school in the house. Yay! Though I was disapointed at the elevator style he put on the song. Who sings MJ like that??
11: Tatiana-Singing a Whitney song is a huge risk. Did she not learn anything from watching past shows.....but she pulled it off pretty good. Personality flaws may not be with her, and I think that will ultimately hurt her. She is weird, hugh?
12: Danny- HE IS MY FAVORITE SO FAR! I loved him from audition week. His story made me cry. I love his style and realness and he is sooo cute. Bazing hot, the redeemer, sold out arenas and Simon said it was good. Vote for Danny!



Leah February 18, 2009 at 1:29 PM  

and I don't k now why I spelled cutie with a y

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