>> Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I realized I don't put enough of "me" stuff on here. I put a lot of stuff I like, enjoy and crafts I do.....but do you know me?

Here are some random facts about me.

-I have two middle names (Christine-Marie)
-I have had my ears, nose and navel pierced
-I LOVE old muscle cars (dream car is a 69 Camero)
1969 Camero Pictures, Images and Photos
-I'm so cold all the time, seriously....even in summer I get cold and have to wear a sweater
-I love to sleep, I still try to get my boys to nap so I can nap with them
-I'm currently obsessed with learning how to knit
Yarn Pictures, Images and Photos
-I have a goal to do a tri-athlon
-I will be 29 on my birthday this year (ahhhH!!!!!)
-and being 29....does that make me too old to love One Tree Hill and Twilight?
-and Twilight.....I so have a huge crush on Edward!!!
-My Ipod touch is full of classic rock tunes.
classic rock Pictures, Images and Photos
-My favorite color is red
-One thing I do every morning is put eyeliner on- no matter what!
-Oh and lotion....totally obsessed with lotion
-I feel that I have a lot of friends, but only very few that truly know me
-I hate confrontation, but will blow my top if pissed off enough
-I wish I could tell my cheap side to take a hike and go ahead and buy that Boden jacket I want
-I get excited when I go to the thrift shop and find a deal.
-I love thrift shops!!!! and yard sales and Goodwill's...Oh MY!
goodwill Pictures, Images and Photos
-You all know I love to garden, but I also really enjoy the getting dirty and sweaty part, it makes me feel like I'm actually doing hard work
-I really like feeling like I'm doing my part to save the earth I live on and love
-I love noting more than to laugh
-I get distracted VERY easy. Maybe I have some sort of disorder (something called 2 preschool boys)

Ok- thats enough for now....and also because again, I'm distracted! Fringe is on and gotta watch my Fringe.


Karen January 28, 2009 at 3:37 AM  

-I hate confrontation, but will blow my top if pissed off enough

This one made me laugh...you know why! Love you and miss you!

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