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>> Wednesday, March 4, 2009

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Last night was very disapointing for me. There wasn't really anyone that blew me away and most of the show consisted of good songs gone bad. Just wasn't feeling it Dawg.....but here is my two cents worth anyway. Tonights result show should be interesting.

1-Von- Not bad- but so broadway for me. Cute kid but I think AI is a little too big for him.
2-Taylor- Badsong and bad vocals.
3-Alex- I was embarassed for him. I know nerves can work a number on a person, but what in the world was he doing and how did he make it into the top 36. Jez'
4-Arianna- Ugh! Next
5-Ju-Not- Double Ugh!
6-I thought this rendition was horrible. I'm fan of the original song and this girl just slaughtered it. Ugh! I hate when that happens. It sounded like she had a few too many and stepped up to sing karokoe at the local bar. Can you tell that I didn't like it
7-Nathaniel: He labeled himself as a drama queen and I was nervous. His peircings are a little wild. I've neer been a fan of the lip rings/studs. And what the heck.....he sang a Meatloaf song? With a headband? Its almost as if he tried to take Meatloaf and make it into a Dancing Queen song (which by the way, Shaka would have been a better song choice for him). Next!
8-Felica: A Stay at home Mom! Yay for me already! And signing an Alecia Keys song is tough, but I think she did good! Great in fact. Good job fellow SAHM!
9-Scott: The blind guy is a fav before I even see him preform. His voice is so soothing, and I could hear him signing a hippie favorite (I'm thinking Hermans Hermits) but his performance was not that great. Unfortunatly I don't think he nailed it but he does have the want and passion to be on the show. We'll see
10-Kendall: Cute girl and country is definately her mantra. I love Martina and she did a great job with the song and personally I'm going to vote for her just to see her Dad do that silly alligator dance.
11- Jorge-First of all, why is the latin guy signing Elton? Why not a rump shaker, Ricky Martin song? He did good with the vocals. Probably the best guy for the evening. I sure would have liked to see him sing a latin, fun, get up and dance song.
12-Lil Rounds- I liked this girl from her audition. She's so down to earth and her voice is so rich. Her song choice of Mary J. Blige is perfect and she looked soooo nice. She was on fire and we will see her next week!

Honestly, I think I'm just bummed that I didn't get to see my Adam. He and Danny have really spoiled the show for me. Here is another reminder of who I want to win. Vote for Adam!!!!

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