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Grand Ole' Opry night- Yippee. Sorry ya'll but I grew up on country music and have actually been to the grand ole' Opry with my pops and loved Opryland even more.

So it was Randy Travis as the mentor. Lets see how it worked out for him tonight. (of course according to me!!!)

1. Michael-He did really well on the Garth song and all those words, but he got boring at the end of the song. Just kinda stood there. On a positive, he should stick to country. He sounded good singing country.
2. Allison- Man, this rocker chic can even sing country. I love her! She is so cute and her I agree with was "Dope" (haha)
3. Kris- My favorite hippie guy took it slow tonight. He sounded awesome! Even his high notes were right on. Goosebumps baby!
4. Lil- I was real excited to see what song Lil picked. I figured she would do a Martina song. She is about the only one that could pull off Martina's vocal range (You all know my love or Martina) but it was hard for me to not compare her. I didn't care for her spin on the song, plus Lil looked VERY uncomfortable. There is no doubt that Lil has an awesome voice, but I was not liking her performance tonight. Sorry Dawg!
5. Adam-Utoh! Changing up a Johnny Cash song.....I sure hope my Daddy didn't watch AI tonight. That being said, I thought Adam's spin was exactly true to his style and although I'm a true rocker at heart, I'm a little nervous at his Johnny Cash take over. He was very brave to do that. I'm predicting the blogs are gonna roll with this tomorrow. However, I love Adam's Jim Morrison and Robert Plant kind of style. He's still number one (but what he did to the Cash song was not cool!)
6. Scott-This guy has mad piano skills. In fact, made me want me to sit at piano and play for a few hours. I think Scott will go far in life with his talent, but I don't think he did as good tonight as he has in the past. He got a lot of applause, but it just wasn't that good to me. Maybe, just maybe I agree with Simon in that Scott's song picks were not great.
7. Alexis- I like Alexis but I sure didn't like her poofy hair and her arrangement of a classic Dolly song. She did alright and her voice is so smooth and cute. I'm going to start calling her "Tink" because I realized tonight that she reminds me of Tinkerbell. Next!
8. Danny- I liked seeing Danny messing up and being real during his practice sessions. Then I smiled even bigger when he tore the heck out of the song and was in my opinion the best one of the night. I love his new glasses that make his face seem brighter and I thought he looked so handsome wearing white. He is way ahead of Adam tonight. By a loonnnggg shot.
9. Anoop- Anoop sure surprised me tonight. He can sing really good. I think he has an amazing voice and his eyes are so beautiful and remind me of Z's big brown eyes. His parents must be so proud of him. He did an excellent job tonight.
10. Meghan- Patsy....She sang Patsy and I loved it. I'm not too fond of Meghans "shake" and weird dancing, but she has a crazy cool voice. I LOVE it! She reminds me of a modern mix of Ella Fitzgerald, Patsy and Joss Stone. All my female favs. I can't wait to see what she does next week.
11. Matt- Give it up for my MI guy and for his awesome talent. He took a country song and made it sound so his. I am always impressed with him and he did so good. The guys are definitely tearing it up this season

I'm predicting Michael, Alexis, & Scott to be in the bottom 3. Maybe even my Morrison Man, Adam, since a lot of other folks may not have liked his Cash song. What did you think?


Karen March 18, 2009 at 10:13 AM  

I must confess, I have not been watching this season. Sam and I have been more prone to The Biggest Loser of late. However, I do catch clips on You Tube and love your recaps that help me figure out who is who!! :D

elise blaine March 24, 2009 at 6:12 AM  

i gotta say im stickin by danny. i <3 him! though i missed this week because i had no dvr :(

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