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I am dating myself when I say that I like MJ. I like the old school stuff and I love to groove to Thriller (maybe because its all about spooky, Halloween stuff). I have to say that up to this point, I was a little bored with American Idol. The weeks of bad singing great songs churned my stomach, but tonight inpressed me. On to the singers

1. Lil- The way you make me feel-Lil is good. She was really controlling the stage and her voice is so smooth. Its like she's been doing this for years. She doesn't need AI to be big. She's already there
2. Scott- His family looked so supportive and tight knit. I loved that! and anyone that plays the piano melts my heart and Scott sounded great and behind the piano is where he belongs. Not to mention the song choice "Keep the faith" and the lyrics were about believing in yourself and I thought that was so awesome. The only bad thing about Scott, is the fro has got to go.
3. Danny- Sounds like an Osmond family, but a family that sings together stays together. His song didn't start out great, but once started, it was so cool. Danny is one of my favorites and he really shook it up. "Loved Simon's comment about him being a white guy with soul. LOVED IT~
4. Michael-Its weird for me to see such a tough redneck Texan so be soft and sensitive. I really didn't like the song he sang. I'm sure its because I see MJ singing it with Priscilla and that makes me ill. Maybe its because he came after Danny that made it sound so bad to me. I really didn't like it- Sorry Dawg
5. Jasmine- What a beautiful girl and I was diggin her dress. She did so good tonight. It was good that she came after Michael. I think Jasmine had some off notes, but she did good and for being so young....Go girl!
6. Jake..Opps...I mean Kris-Hmmm.......last time he sang was just ok for me, but this week had me smiling. You all know how much I love acoustic guitar, Jack Johnson style and this is the hippie guy of the season and I love it. I loved his rendition of the song. SO cool. Move over ladies....I think the guys are dominating this season and Kris is in the top!
7. Allison-She's so cool. I wish I could pull off the red hair. She is soo the rocker chick and she's better than any other rocker that AI's had on. Her personal spin on a MJ song was amazing. Staying true to her rocker roots. Wow!
8. Anut- Boy do I love Chapel Hill. Anut sang Beat it. Another fav song that is frequently sang in the shower or to the boys. He did ok, but it was more of a cover song. Where was the moon walking and white glove. That would have really stepped it up a few notches for me.
9. Jorge- What a big family. I bet they can cook some yummy food. So my thoughts on Jorge is that he is a great singer, I just wish he would put more of a latin spin on his songs. Just ok for me.
10. Megan- I think she is adorable. Her voice is amazing and so unique. Her song choice was pretty neat. She reminds me of a 50's girl with her dancing. I half expect her to break out in the Charleston, but even that may be too much for her. I like her but was embarrassed for her. (especially with her bird call at the end???)
11. Adam (YAY!)- This boy is gonna win. I'm just saying it right now. If he doesn't win, he will be on the billboard charts right away! I LOVED IT & I LOVE HIM!!!!!! Awesome and I can't wait to buy his cd!
12. Matt- Poor guy had to go after Adam. I've like Matt especially since he rocks the piano and is from Michigan. He did awesome too. He does look like Justin Timberlake, hugh?
13. Alexis- This girl should have tried out for the part of Alice in Twilight. She's such a little pixie. I think she did a fantastic job. I can't believe she has such a big strong voice out of such a little body. In my top females for sure.


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