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>> Monday, April 13, 2009

Allergies Pictures, Images and Photos

20+ skin pricks and a million more to my heart. About a year ago, Z was seen by an allergist and since moving, losing the paperwork, and getting a new pediatrician, we needed a new allergist and a new allergen test. Our first allergy test was a blood test and all I had to do was hold little Z while they drew 4 viles of blood. Todays event was truly horrific! 2 nurses plus me holding my little guy down while they picked his back, then waiting 15 minutes for the results that were immediatly apparent due to the welts that appeared all over his marker spotted back. Our last allergist had threw paper work at me but never explained in detail what he was allergic too, so I tried to mentally prepare myself for the worse. It didn't help!

The doctor explained that the last test Z was given was the blood test that tested for everything and its immperative I find those results or call for them, since todays test was just the common 20+ allergies.

So, here I am, finding myself feeling elated that I finally know how to make Z feel better, but yet sad and helpless that I didn't committ to this before now. I'm also finding myself going back through my pantry and meal plans to adjust for some minor changes. I'm kind of feeling a bit excited at the changes and how to cook not only to make Zaiden more healthy, but for us all.

Here are the results: (0=negative 4=being the worse)
Early tree: 3
Late Tree:3
Grasses: 0
Feather: 2
Dust mites: 4
Weeds: 3
Ragweed: 0
Seasonal mold: 3
Perennial Mold: 2
Cat: 4
Egg: 3
Cows Milk: 3
Soybean: 3
Wheat: 3
Cocoa: 0
Almonds: 2
Cashews: 4
Corn: 0
Rice: 0
Oat: 0

You probably noticed the high allergy count for cat and dog. I was seriously starting to cry over this one thinking about my cat that is more like my first born child. I think the doctor noticed the tears welling up in my eyes and left the room for a few minutes. She came back with some catalogs and told me that we can control the allergy with medicine and some work on my part. Work meaning making his room a complete allergy free zone. Mattress and pillow covers, vent covers, hepa filter and vaccumming with my dyson- pet allergy vac every day! Thank goodness for Dyson. I knew that was the best $500 I spent (and the doctor aggreed~). Z was prescribed meds and lotions for his eczema and I have a ton of literature to read and even more research to do.

Here's to being allergy free! (rather on the road to getting there~)


Karen April 14, 2009 at 4:29 AM  

Oh my goodness. Poor little Z. I know you will do your best to protect him though. I recently purchased the cookbook, The Sneaky Chef To The Rescue. It has low-fat,healthy recipes for kids as well as allergy-free recipes. I haven't checked it out too much yet, but just passing along the info. Hugs to all of you. Can't wait to see you.

Olson Family April 14, 2009 at 7:40 AM  

Not fun. Once you have your own kids, you realize that you truely would put yourself in their shoes and go through the pain for them. We found out yesterday that Adi probably has to have her tubes put back on her ears. We are so sad for her. Hope all he went through helps him out.

Angie Cheney April 14, 2009 at 3:55 PM  

All my kids (and I) have lots of allergies Tirzah, so I feel your pain. Take all the stuff they gave you with a grain of salt and know that doing one thing on the list will make his world better. I definitely recommend mattress and pillow covers first thing and if he's a 4 for cat and dog, I would try and keep him away from them if at all possible. Cats and dogs are some of our worse allergies (Max's eyes start to puff closed if we're even in a house with a dog). We had 3 cats, 1 long hair, now we just have 1 short hair.

Who is your Dr.? What kind of creams did they recommend? We see a U of M Dr., and the University makes its own eczema cream that is called water washable base. The stuff is amazing. I just shipped some to my friend in Vegas because you literally can only get it in Ann Arbor. Every time I think we can try something else or go off it, I'm always calling for more because his eczema flares back up again. Well, let me know if I can help with any allergy issues. :)

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