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>> Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ok- lets talk Christmas cards....

Yes, I am one of those people that have always sent Christmas cards. In my quest to be more green, the thought of not sending cards this year did cross my mind, but poeey on that. There are ways to be green and still send cards. SEND HOMEMADE!!!! I started making my own Christmas cards a few years ago and though I always complain about it, I'm glad I do it. Not only is it "green", but I couldn't see the sense of spending $5-$12 for a 10 pack of cards when I have quite an address list of people to send to. Not to mention, in my opinion, receiving a homemade card is personal and cute.

This year I got the boys on board to help. I'm not sure where I found this idea, but this is what we did and the cards are great! I'm not showing the final result, because...umm.....you will get one in the mail and I don't want to ruin the surprise, but trust me they will be cool (and homemade by 2 creative boys).

Cool Artsy Cards
(What you need)
Tissue paper
Fancy scissors
White glue
Tin foil
Foam brush
Blank Card

I cut up tissue paper with some fancy scissors

Mixed the white glue with a little water

Spread the glue mixture on the tinfoil, then let the boys loose with the peices of tissue paper

Once finished, I spread another layer of the glue mixture over the tissue paper and added sequins.

I then let the peices of our art dry on the counter and plan to cut them up for the cards. Aren't you excited to get the card now and see how they turn out? ha!

Cards are a great way to send cheer for the holiday season, especially for those in your life that you haven't seen in a while. I always look forward to receiving cards from all my long distant friends and family. Hope you send cards and if you do, maybe you will think about a homemade card!

Have a green holiday!!


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