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>> Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nativity Pictures, Images and Photos

Go on a Christmas "senses hunt". Collect in a basket things that have to do with Christmas and your senses throughout your home (e.g. bright wrapping paper to see, pine cones for smell, peppermint for taste… etc.). Then compare to another basket having to do with Christmas senses at the time of Jesus’ birth. In that basket you can have hay for touch, some sort of perfume for the gifts from the Wiseman for smell, a beautiful star for sight, warm milk for taste, angelic music for hearing and anything else you can think of! Have the kids nativity set ready to put up in the living room and have the children name senses that each character may have experienced (i.e. Shepherd SAW the star with his eyes, HEARD the angels, etc).

Song: Angels we have HEARD on High
Activity: Watch The Nativity with just the Christmas lights on (or Veggie Tales Christmas depending on the mood of the boys)
Treat: Sugar Cookies (because they TASTE soooo good!)


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