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>> Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The day began as most others begin. Breakfast, cartoons, showers, etc. Although today my house was preparing for my brother and his family from England. They were flying into Detroit Airport at 2pm. We were anxiously awaiting their arrival. Doing laundry, dishes, vacumming, and dusting. All the lovely things you do for house guests. I even went so far as to go to the car wash and vaccum out the rolling petrified french fry and drive through the washer. Fancy stuff! So I'm driving to the airport. Just myself and an empty van. I actually take the liberty of turning on the radio and listening to music (instead of Thomas the Train from the DVD player). I'm deep in thought and liking the 1/2 hour to myself. Traffic is heavy and the airport traffic is no better. I finally find where I need to be going and then the fiascial of finding a place to park begins. I drive around the parking deck for what seems like hours. Finally find a nice spot, then make my way into the airport. After asking 3 people where I need to be going, I finally make my way to the international arrivals. All this with 5 minutes to spare till they land. Boy am I good! As I find myself a nice seat facing the doors that all international arrival flights have to come through, I start people watching. This area is filled with people waiting for loved ones (or just waiting for people with signs of their names). Some hold flowers and balloons, others cameras and excited grins. Watching people has to be one of my favorite hobbies. Watching and wondering about them. Trying to read their actions and learning about complete strangers. Some people are begining to come through the international doors and it was especially fun to watch the lovers run to each other and embrace, or the foreign familes instantly start speaking their native tongue. As I continue to wait, I continue to people watch. My heart jumps a little each time the international doors open in hopes for my family, but also to see the show of anothers moment in time. I notice an american couple with both sets of grandparents. The couple are holding each other and whispering and obviously trying to calm each others nerves. The grandparents are holding stuffed animals and baby blankets and I'm wondering if what I think is happening is going to happen. I'm watching this couple pretty closely as they are standing just inches in front of me. Everytime the doors open, they tighten their grip on each other and step a foot forward. I too am beginging to feel anxious for them and somewhat forget about my own reason for being there. Then the moment happens. The doors open and through it walks a women wearing yellow with a name tag on, she is smiling and carrying a beautiful korean baby boy. The couple in front of me gasp first, then a small scream of joy and weeping escapes the woman as she rushes forward. The man puts his head down and his hands on his knees. I see tear drops fall from his face as he begins to weep. Being adopted too, I couldn't control my own emotions as I too began to tear up and feel the immense love of this couple and for their joy they were experiencing this day, right in front of me. I listened to them as they said hello to their new son. I bore witness to the first time these parents held their son and told him they loved him. As they stroked his cute little head and gave their new son his first stuffed animal. I was in amazement as I sat quietly witnessing such a special blessing of families. I was still crying as my brother and his family came through the doors. I gained an extra appreciation for adoption and familes today. Needless to say, I gave my brother the biggest hug!



4 Mom by Mom March 27, 2008 at 1:59 PM  

What a truly amazing story. I am sniffing and choking back my own tears. What a blessing to witness such a beautiful, touching moment.

Kirstynn Evans May 2, 2008 at 12:03 PM  

That made me cry! It was so beautiful, and so sweet that you could share this emotional moment with perfect strangers.

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