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>> Tuesday, October 26, 2010

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"Life is like playing a violin solo in public and learning the instrument as one goes on"
~Samuel Butler

Can't you just picture that? It's so true! Here we are, living our lives, not really knowing what we're doing until actually doing it. We're finding our way, step by step, choice by choice, day by day. We will stumble, get lost, hit some sour notes, learn a few lessons, and write our own songs. Some reject our music, some try to change our song or the way we play, but some of our audience will embrace it and love it. But through it all, we keep on playing because the instrument tells our journey. It also makes me think that no matter the look of the instrument, its the music that we play that matters. So many judge you on your instrument and don't stop to even listen to your song. Some hear your stumbles, mistakes, your sour notes and walk away. To never give you a chance to learn and grow or play something beautiful. Some will always hear your mistakes. Some will hear the minor chords and will wait faithfully because they know the sonata has just begun. We just must remember that we are playing the instrument and that if one doesn't like the song we play, they are entitled to that, but we will not alter our lessons or our song to please them. We play the song of our lives. While in my youth and involved heavily in music, I was always told "practice makes perfect". Doesn't this philosophy hold true for our life instrument? And then someday, with enough practice, we will be a perfect life-liver, a virtuoso!


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