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03/22/10- Spring- (Spring is Budding) Pictures, Images and Photos

I wonder.....

Does summer stay mad at fall?
For drying up all the flowers and making them die. For taking away the vibrant green and the lemon sun and replacing it with browns and golds. For taking away the comfort of warmth and bringing an awkward and bitter cold chill.

Does spring stay mad at winter?
For the layers of frost and cold. For the deep freeze, the hiding sun, the howling wind and drifts of snow. For the constant white and struggle for breath. For the agonizing silence.

I wonder......

In sitting in the sun with my boys, playing and soaking up the warmth of the amazing spring day, I noticed the shoots of green all around me. I noticed my rose bush budding and my peonies popping through. The frogs screaming their love and happiness. The birds singing their song of gratefulness and joy and I think about how life is so like the earth and the changing seasons.

If only we let go, embraced and realized it.

peonies emerging - mid-April Pictures, Images and Photos


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